Awful Wedding Dress Color Choices

Inappropriate Wedding Dress Colours For Brides

Many brides have one goal in mind before they speak I do: to find a wonderful bridal gown that can make them the prettiest woman on their wedding day. Sadly, the search for the ideal bridal dress is not a walk in the park. Many brides have searched for fabulous gowns and dresses here and there, but no one seems to know where to find the right one. Truth is, numerous people brides continue to search for pretty gowns, but end up settling for something less extravagant.  

To find the ideal wedding dress, the bride should be alert and aggressive. She should make sure that she evaluates all gowns so she may know what is good for her and what’s not. She should never give up on getting to know every detail about the gown. Are you a soon-to-be-bride? If yes, then you must pay attention to all gown details such as the fabric, the cut and of course, the color. Color is one of the core features of a wedding gown.

Color can easily turn your gown into a disastrous nightmare or a delight. It is therefore essential for you to choose a good bridal gown color without mistake. If you need a way to find the right colours, make sure you understand the colour no-nos first. Here are numerous bad wedding gown colours that you need to avoid. 

Black is on top of the no no list. Initially, black was permitted as a colour for bridal gowns. During the Victorian age however, the concept of black changed altogether. The colour seemed to express grief and mourning. Brides who were deemed unhappy and sorrowful preferred to don wedding dresses and gowns in black. Thus, it became a notion that an unhappy bride would go and wear a black wedding gown. Despite the rise of black wedding gowns, inspired by the likes of Vera Wang, not a lot of females buy into the idea of wearing a black gown.

Grey, besides black, is also considered a no no. Although it was once considered a fashionable colour for wedding gowns, gray is now seen as a colour of mischief and misfortune. The middle class, in particular, found this color improper. 

Don’t let these awful color selections hinder you from wearing your dream gown. If you want access to a broad array of lovely gowns, from wedding gown to ball gown, make sure you go for wedding gowns rental Singapore. These Singapore wedding dress boutiques provide the best dress for you.

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